Oops I Broke My Tooth : Dr. Dini

Have you ever had a moment where your front teeth broke while eating on the eve of a big event? I’m pretty sure I know the feeling that followed after the incident. The panic button would be switch on right? That is the case of my patient. Raju broke his front tooth while having his dinner on the eve of Thaipusam. The next morning he quickly called our clinic and fortunately I had available slot to treat him on that Saturday morning.


Upon examination, I found that the tooth was broke into half but there was no pain or sensitivity according to Raju. I explained to him that I will build up the tooth using composite resin material for a temporary solution however he needs to do a root canal treatment and follow with a crown for a long term solution. That would also be the solution for the right central incisors since it is also discolored and he didn’t complete the previous root canal treatment. He understood and he will discuss with his parents.

I took around 20 minutes to build up back his left central incisors. I reminded him on not biting anything hard on this tooth. He smiled and thanked for bringing back his smile just in time to celebrate Thaipusam with his family.

Raju with his brand new smile.

So, fret not if this happened to you too. We are here to help you . Contact us to know more.

Dr. Dini ( dini@drfauziah.com)

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