A Brand New Smile for Raya – Dr. Shanaz

Angela is a busy bee! And to keep up to her busy lifestyle, she drinks plenty and plenty of coffee. As we all know, as great as coffee is for us to keep us going through the day, it tends to cause a lot of stains on our teeth. One of the best ways to get rid of the pesky stains and to keep your teeth shining is by doing whitening!

Klinik Pergigian Fauziah regards Zoom! Whitening from Phillips to be one of the best brands as it provides consistent results. Which satisfies both us and our patients!

Angela’s initial tooth colour

The whole process took little over an hour, but you’ll see great differences in the shade of her teeth. Needless to say, Angela was beaming from ear to ear once I handed her the mirror.

After Zoom! Whitening
Shade comparison of before and after!

Since the holidays and Aidilfitri festivities are coming up, why not give yourself a new white smile so you can show off to your family members and friends! Call us for a consult or an appointment 🙂 – Dr. Shanaz

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