FRC bridge to the rescue: Dr Nik

My patient had an issue with her upper left front tooth. It had been loose for quite some time and eventually the tooth jutted out. She came in requesting for an immediate fixed replacement that look natural. Considering all factors involved, I suggested Fiber reinforced composite bridge (FRC bridge).

FRC bridge is a treatment where we placed and bonded a fiber glass strand/band to the adjacent teeth, This strand/band is bonded from one adjacent tooth to the other, right and left to the missing tooth area. Composite resin will be added to the transverse fiber strand above the missing tooth area, sculpting it into a tooth like structure. The last step of the treatment is to polish the build up until it is smooth.

The first photo shows left tooth that was lose and jutted out before I pulled out the tooth. The second photo shows the final FRC bridge that replaced the missing tooth. The entire process from the left photo to the right took around 2 hours. It really rescued this patient of mine who was starting to panicking thinking that she might have to be without front tooth for few days while waiting for replacement.

Having similar problem? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Dr Nik (

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