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Mr A came to our clinic when one of his upper front tooth broke while he was biting on sugar cane the day before his appointment. *oh no*

There was underlying decay on the fractured upper front tooth!

According to Mr A, the fractured tooth has been root canal treated a few years ago and subsequently a huge filling was done to it. Interesting fact to note : Root canal treated teeth exhibit greater brittleness and are more prone to fracture than non-root canal treated teeth!

The treatment options were given to Mr A and he opted to save the tooth from being extracted, by having a post (pillar) and crown done to protect the remaining tooth structure.

All the decayed tooth structure were removed while we prepared the tooth for placement of the post. While we waited for the permanent crown to be ready, a temporary crown was placed to restore the appearance of the tooth for the time being.

After cementation of the new crown!

Two weeks later, Mr A came back to get the permanent crown issued. He was very satisfied with the outcome of the treatment and promised to come back to get his other teeth filled.

Side view

Having similar problem? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Call at 03-9520 1595 or WhatsApp us at 011-5880 2375 for an appointment! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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