Tired Of Denture : Dr. Dini

Are you one of those people who had been wearing denture for quite sometime? Or are you conscious with your smile, afraid that the denture might come out when you’re talking or laughing? Are you looking for a permanent solution?

Well, that is what my patient felt for the longest time. She had the denture done when she was young. When I asked her what happened that caused her to wear the denture, she said she had a wobbly front tooth and the dentist she visited at that time, advised her to extract the tooth. The rest was history.

Before I proceeded with any treatment, I suggested to her to take a radiograph (x-ray) to see if her right central incisor present. True enough her right central incisor present and embedded in the upper jaw. She also has right canine that is labially erupt. After explaining the x-ray to her, I told her that the most ideal solution to replace the denture would be a fiber reinforced composite bridge. She did agree with me , however she said she would also like to have a whiter teeth.

I then mentioned about our Zoom Whitening Raya promotion and she immediately said YES to it. She was ecstatic to see the result after the whitening cycle end. 10 shades whiter !!!

I had to reschedule another appointment for the fiber reinforced bridge to let the shades of the rest of teeth stabilize after the zoom Whitening procedure. She came back 2 days later for me to complete her dream smile.

Doesn’t that look like a natural tooth? I’d say it does look like one. 🙂

Do you want to improve your smile? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly assist you to achieve your dream smile.

Dr. Dini ( dini@drfauziah.com)

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