Aidilfitri is a significant festival celebrated by all muslims throughout the world. The conclusion of Ramadhan month is marked by celebrating Aidilfitri. Generally, celebrating Aidilfitri around the world is associated with good food, wearing new clothes and visiting our relatives and family members that we haven’t seen for a while. Since the world is treating Covid as an endemic, the SOP has been relaxed and most of us is without face masks. Hence having a beautiful smile is a must during this festive season.

This is the case of my patient. Sofia just removed her braces 4 months ago and she realized she wanted a brighter and whiter smile for this Aidilfitri. She came to see me a week before raya and after full examination I suggested our Hari raya Zoom! Whitening promotion to her. She immediately agreed to the suggestion and we started the whitening procedure right after scaling and polishing.

You can see the difference after 4 cycles of our Zoom Whitening treatment. Her teeth went to 5 shades brighter. Unfortunately because Sofia had composite filling on her anterior upper teeth, the teeth still had that uneven white shades. I suggested to her to change the filling to achieve her dream smile.

Above is the final look for Sofia after I changed all the old composite restorations to match the new shade of her teeth. She was really happy with her new smile and obviously can’t wait to flash her smile during this Aidilfitri.

Our Hari raya Zoom! Whitening promotion is still on and if you want to know more about this, do contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Dr. Dini (

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