Freaking out!!! : Dr Nik

Yes, it was a freaking moment for Mr Azrul when he broke one of his front tooth. It happened in the middle of last Ramadhan and he was so scared thinking the worst scenario, that is nothing can be done to save the tooth.

Upon check up and history taking, only 1/3 of natural tooth structure left and I suspected that the tooth is a dead or non vital tooth. The tooth was filled few years back and now the filling has dislodged.

When I told Mr Azrul that the tooth is definitely restorable, he sighed in relief. I proposed root canal treatment followed by composite build up (temporary permanent) or crown. Mr Azrul requested me to just do composite build up/filling for now and he promised will come back later for the root canal treatment.

I did as requested by Mr Azrul. It was composite build up with 1 restorative pin placed for added support and strength. It took me around 45 minutes to complete the treatment.

Mr Azrul smiled in relief seeing his new ‘tooth’ for the first time. He thanked me and I reminded him to make an appointment and come back for root canal treatment.

Dr Nik (

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