Final touch to an orthodontic journey: Dr Dini

This is Ms. Z’s right lateral incisor. She wasn’t happy with the shape of it. After completed her orthodontic journey with Dr. Shanaz, Dr. Shanaz and I suggested few cosmetic treatment for her to consider. One of it was composite veneer because it is painless, quick and affordable. Without hesitation, she agreed to our suggestion and I immediately proceeded with the treatment.

This is Ms. Z’s new right lateral incisor look. No longer that weird looking shape and size. Was she happy? You bet she was!!! 🙂 It was indeed a quick, painless and affordable treatment.

Do you have this kind of weird looking tooth? Do you want to change it to an ideal one? Wait no more! Our door always open to welcome and assist you in getting your dream smile.

Dr. Dini (

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