Filling up those unsightly gaps: Dr Nik

Do you have gaps in between your teeth? Dental gaps can be due to few reasons. One, the size of the teeth are relatively smaller compared to the jaw, hence the teeth are spread out. Two, low attachment of the front center frenulum (extended small fold of gum tissue). This fibrous gum tissue fold pushes apart the two center front teeth. Three, receding interdental gum leading to small triangle space seen between the teeth.

For most people these gaps are not pleasant to look at. There’s few treatment option that can be done to fill up these unsightly gaps and the most easy, fast and affordable one are by doing fillings.

The fillings are done using composite resin material. Composite resin are added and sculpted to each side of the teeth surfaces of the gap area, filling up the gap. These filling will then be polished to make the surface smooth. This will make it easy for patient to keep the area clean.

Below are before and after photos of my recent close gaps case.

If you have the same problem and want those unsightly gaps to be filled, don’t hesitate, call us now and book an appointment to see us. Looking forward to see you!!

Dr Nik (

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