“Can you fix this? Madam Bali pointed to her gap on the lower front teeth. ” I hate it. It shows when I talk and laugh.” She added.

The gap in between her lower crown.

I smiled at her and started explaining the treatment options once she sat comfortably on the dental chair.. I carefully elaborate on the pros and cons of the treatment she chose, that is fill up the gap using composite resin material. I had to emphasized to her that because it is 2 different material, there are chances that the composite resin may dislodge in future. However this treatment is the least invasive, affordable, painless and quick . She can always opt to change the current crown to a new one if this treatment fail. She understood my explanation and gave me the green light to proceed.

30 minutes later.

” Oh my God !!!”, was what she said when she look in the mirror that I handed to her. ” Is it a good Oh, my God or not so good?”, I smiled and asked her. “This is good!! Very good actually. I can smile wide now”, she replied.

I was happy and grateful to hear that.To deliver a patient’s request and to make her happy with the final result is always a joy in my work.

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