A change from a removable denture to a fixed FRC bridge: Dr Nik

This is a story of my patient who had been wearing a removable denture for so many years to replace one missing front tooth. The tooth was lost due to an accident that happened when she was still in school.

She came in requesting for a fiber reinforced composite (FRC) bridge to replace the denture. She came to know about the FRC bridge through our Instagram page.

After a full dental check up, I explained to her the pros and cons of doing FRC bridge compared to other options possible that are conventional porcelain bridge and implant. After much consideration, she opted for FRC bridge.

Initial stage where the gap width is wider than the correspond tooth

The space/ gap left by the missing tooth is wider that the correspond right center tooth. Building up just FRC bridge to fill up the gap will make the replacement tooth wider/bigger in size compared to the right one. I explained to her the need to do cosmetic filling on the adjacent tooth and make it slightly bigger so that the size of the FRC tooth and the adjacent tooth are the same. She totally understood the need and gave me green light to proceed.

It took me almost 2 hours to complete the treatment and below is the photo of the final result. My patient was so happy with the outcome though she felt a bit weird not having a denture in her mouth. I told her that it is normal to have that feeling since she is used to having denture for so many years. I told her to be patient and give herself some time to get used to the bridge.

FRC bridge in place

I hoped she got used to it by now and is enjoying her new smile. For those out there who is wearing denture and planning to change it to a fixed prosthesis, do come in for a consultation. Maybe FRC bridge or conventional porcelain bridge or implant will be suitable for you.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Dr Nik (nik@drfauziah.com)

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