Smiling Confidently : Dr. Dini

It’s everyone dream to smile confidently. To laugh wide when we are happy and to speak confidently in public. To do all of this, I believe we need to have a nice set of teeth. No black or grey appearance, no stains and well aligned shape and arrangement of teeth. That’s what Yani dreams about. She wants to smile wide. She wants to laugh without covering her mouth. She wants to speak confidently in front of her colleagues.

Above was how Yani’s teeth looked like. Her right central incisor was a false teeth and she did composite veneers on her remaining incisors to match the color of the false teeth. Unfortunately , the result wasn’t to her expectation. She didn’t want to go back to her previous dentist to fix it.

Once seated on the dental chair, she told me her only request ; to fix her smile. Personally, I understand her needs and feelings. After listening to her concerns, and understanding her background and her line of work, I suggested to her a treatment plan to achieve her goals:

  1. To do Fiber Reinforced Composite Bridge (FRCB) to replace the existing old denture.
  2. To redo her composite veneers on her lateral and left central incisors.
  3. To do new partial denture to replace her missing right premolars.
  4. To do fillings on her other decayed teeth.

I was ecstatic when she agreed to my treatment plan. It took me about 2 hours to create her dream smile. From taking impression, placing and sculpting the composite up to polishing the FRC bridge and veneers. She was all smiling ear to ear when she saw her own reflection in a mirror.

Yani with her new smile. She was a different person when she came to the clinic for the second time. All smiling and without her face mask. I asked her how she felt with her new smile. ” Comfortable and very confident to smile now doctor”, she replied.

I was happy to hear that. To be able to give what she wants is a joy to me. For her to be happy and satisfied with my work is a blessing to me. This is my way of spreading happiness to others.

Dr .Dini (

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