FRC crown build up: Dr Nik

An accident happened to my patient. She tripped and fell face down and lost her two upper front crowns. The crowns were done many years back and patient wanted to replace it. She wasn’t sure whether she can still keep both teeth and came in for consultation and treatment.

Both teeth were root treated and can still be saved. I proposed to do new crowns but patient wanted a cheaper (within her budget) one visit treatment. Hence I proposed FRC crown build up.

This is the condition of her teeth when she came in. The blackened area of the teeth are arrested caries surface. I cleaned the blackened surface up as much as possible and prepare the surface to receive and bond the fiber glass strand.

Composite resin material applied layer by layer and sculpted into central tooth shape. I used a combination of 3 different shade composite resin to get the final shade/colour of the tooth. Final step, polishing was carried out and the build up polished until the surface is smooth and shiny.

This is how it look like at the end of treatment. She was so happy with the result and the most important thing is, she no longer need to wear a face mask and can smile confidently.

Dr Nik (

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