What is abrasion cavities? Have you heard of this? Have you seen this kind of cavities?

Above are the abrasion cavities I encountered this week while treating my patients.

 Abrasion cavities most commonly seen on the teeth at the gum edge and can be as a result of overaggressive tooth brushing. It is most often seen in conjunction with gum recession, making the teeth appear longer.

Do you think abrasion cavity can be a problem ? Yes it can!

Without the enamel, your pearly whites will be more vulnerable to bacteria and plaque. Eventually, they could reach the pulp – the innermost layer of the tooth – and cause a severe infection that could end in an extraction(worst case scenario). It also can cause sensitivity to the patient that will result in discomfort upon taking your favorite foods or drinks. To avoid this, we have few treatments such as composite restoration, veneers or crown to protect the tooth from further damage and improve the appearance of your overall smile.

As you can see from the above pictures, I chose to fill up the abrasion cavities with simple composite resin material. It’s painless and quick fix to this kind of cavities. Do you have this kind problem? Come and visit us and we’re happy to help you.

Dr. Dini (dini@drfauziah.com)

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