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Natural looking Fiber reinforced composite bridge: Dr Nik

Natural looking Fiber reinforced composite bridge: Dr Nik

White and straight alignment of teeth has always been the perception of a perfect teeth. However, imperfection might be a perfection for some people. This principal is what this patient’s hold and he requested me to duplicate the condition of his adjacent teeth when I…

How Immediate Denture Instantly Change Your Smile – Dr. Adyan

How Immediate Denture Instantly Change Your Smile – Dr. Adyan

As a dentist, we try our best to save every teeth with dental treatments. However, some teeth are just beyond saving. This patient had her upper front teeth loose for years already and the position of the teeth are not as it originally was due…

Split tooth! – Dr. Adyan

Split tooth! – Dr. Adyan

Any of you fancy eating hard food?

Maybe chewing some ice when you’re bored?

Or even use your teeth to pop open bottle caps?

Well you might want to consider stopping those habits once you see what happened to this patient of mine.

She came to the clinic saying that she feels one of the fillings on her tooth fractured after she accidentally bit on something hard while chewing her food; she couldn’t remember what she chewed on.

There was some pain and sensitivity on the tooth for some time but she was too afraid to see the dentist. Finally, she couldn’t hold it off any longer and finally came to do something about it.

When I first checked I was expecting to see a tooth with a fractured filling.

It was an unpleasant surprise as that was not what I found!

She had a split tooth! Upon biting on something hard, the tooth was split into two parts!

I took this video to show her what was going on:

Could you see the split tooth?

Split tooth can sometimes be saved depending on how bad the tooth is split and the location of the split.

However, as bad as I wanted to save this tooth, the split extended the whole length of the tooth until the roots where even root canal treatments would result in poor prognosis of the tooth.

I discussed the condition of the tooth with her and we finally agreed on taking out the tooth.

She was very nervous about it, but we had some casual talk and I explained the extraction procedure clearly to her.

When she was finally ready, we extracted the tooth out.

She was so relaxed and was surprised that the whole procedure wasn’t as painful or scary as she thought it would be.

This was how the split tooth looked like:

See how the crack totally split the tooth into two?

Not a pleasant sight, right?

So here I am advising you to enjoy your food as much as possible, just make sure you’re eating healthy and don’t chew on hard food! 😉

If you feel something’s not right with your tooth, come to see us as soon as possible. The earlier you seek for treatment, the more treatment options you would have.

Feel free to contact me at adyan@story.drfauziah.com for any questions 🙂

See you soon!

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

The Not-so-pretty Fluorosis – Dr. Adyan

The Not-so-pretty Fluorosis – Dr. Adyan

I’m sure a lot of people have seen something like this: A white-brownish spot on the surface of the tooth that was there since the day the tooth erupted into place, and no matter what you do, it just doesn’t go away. And it doesn’t…

How I Gave Teeth to Someone In Need -Dr Gwen Gan

How I Gave Teeth to Someone In Need -Dr Gwen Gan

The most common comment that I heard from parent to their kids is : ” If you don’t behave, Dr will take out your teeth! ” Em…I always wonder how true is the statement? Do all dentists like to take out teeth? Personally, I do…