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Turning a Dream into Reality : Dr Mawarni

Turning a Dream into Reality : Dr Mawarni

Everyone has dreams and hopes in life. In order to turn our dreams into reality, an action plan and execution of the plan are essential. Lyna has always dream to smile confidently with her teeth seen. She was shy to flaunt her previous smile to…

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: Dr Mawarni

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: Dr Mawarni

Do you have either one or more of these symptoms?: Bleeding and swollen gums, bad breath and shaky teeth. If you have, chances are you are having gum disease. Gum disease is usually a simplified layman’s term. The correct terminology for this will be periodontal…

The journey to a beautiful smile: Dr Mawarni

The journey to a beautiful smile: Dr Mawarni

Zatul made an appointment at Menara Raja Laut branch one day. Besides coming for her routine scaling, she had another problem. Zatul’s chief complaint was progressing jutting out of her single front tooth. She was not happy with her smile at all.

“This front tooth has been jutting out progressively for the past one or 2 years. I felt really conscious to smile. There is also gaps between the adjacent tooth, Doctor,” she explained her concern.

After a thorough check up, Zatul had a localized moderate periodontitis at her right central incisor. What is that? You may ask.

Periodontitis basically means inflammation of the supporting structure that is holding the tooth firmly in place. When this occurs, the gum and bone surrounding the tooth will be swollen. Hence, the associate tooth will eventually become loose. With time and if left untreated, it might drift like Zatul’s tooth.

Fauzatul: Before
Zatul: Before

In her case, the localized gum problem was due to a previous faulty filling. So, besides the need to have the filling changed, Zatul also needs a special gum treatment there.

Zatul also wanted a cosmetic treatment done to improve her smile. She has been reading about our blog posts in the website and asked me a lot about the procedures.

We finally came out with a proper treatment plan together. Zatul needed full mouth scaling and polishing, a localized EmunDo photodynamic therapy with arc laser to treat the moderate periodontitis and composite veneers to improve her smile.

I did a full mouth scaling on that day. Zatul needed to ask for her husband’s permission regarding the cosmetic treatment and would get back to us soon.

She finally made appointment for the makeover. At her 2nd visit, I managed to get to know more about her personal life. This soft spoken lady has 3 children yet she looked very young!

She was really happy with the composite veneer treatment outcome.

Zatul: After

“Thanks Doctor! It looks so natural!” she said as she looked at her brand new smile.

I also did a localized EmunDo treatment to treat her localized gum problem on the same day.

“It’s really nice meeting you Doctor. Can we be friends,” she said.

“Oh sure, Zatul,” I said.

We exchanged contact numbers and I sent her ‘before’ and ‘after’ makeover pictures. We became good friends ever since.

I reminded Zatul to come again in 3 months to review her localized gum problem.

Zatul gets a few benefits from her experience with us. She gets her dream smile, her gum treated and a beautiful friendship. I am really glad i could solve her dental problems and just be there for her in times of need.

A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. So, don’t forget to smile Zatul!

Alfie’s Worthwhile Dental Journey: Dr Mawarni

Alfie’s Worthwhile Dental Journey: Dr Mawarni

Alfie came to our clinic after being recommended by his friend. This fun, outgoing man is a father of 2 children and is expecting another baby soon. He came complaining of shaky teeth and was very keen to improve his smile. From his dental history,…