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How she got a better smile! – Dr. Adyan

How she got a better smile! – Dr. Adyan

On one fine day, a beautiful lady came to the clinic, wanting me to do something about the gaps between her teeth. She had been thinking about it for a long time, and finally made the big step to come to the clinic to get…

Fida gets her brand new Eid smile: Dr Mawarni

Fida gets her brand new Eid smile: Dr Mawarni

Fida lives in Paris. She is back in Malaysia for Eid celebration with her family. She was referred to our clinic by her best friend, Anna. She planned to do a smile makeover before she leaves for Ipoh, her hometown. So, she called and made…

Rose gets her Life Changing Smile: Dr Mawarni

Rose gets her Life Changing Smile: Dr Mawarni

Before: uneven front teeth

Rose Lina is a beautiful mother of 3 children. She is also the wife of an Army Officer in Sungai Besi Camp.

She came to our clinic after browsing through the internet for teeth makeover. Like many other patients, after reading so many testimonies, she had the confidence to make an appointment with us.

“Doctor, can you please close these gaps for me,” she said pointing at her lower front teeth.

“I realized this after I did my routine scaling. This is the reason why I rarely smile, I don’t feel confident to speak in front of people. It seems to me like everyone is looking at the gaps,” she added.

I looked at her teeth and noticed the gaps.

Before- notice the gaps?

“I get your concern. The gaps are visible due to your gum recession. Previously the gaps were filled with calculus or hardened plaque. They are more obvious now after the scaling. The good news is, I can close the gaps,” I explained, smiling.

I also noticed her upper teeth were not straight due to the tilted incisors. Just as I was about to ask, she quickly added, “I want to straighten the upper teeth too!”

Rose was the President of the Army Wives’ Organization. She and her family were moving to Grik soon.

She needs a confidence booster to speak in the upcoming events and meetings as she was the leading lady in her division. She requested to close the lower gaps first so I did a mock up of her lower composite veneers. After looking at the result, she agreed to proceed with the treatment.


After completing the gaps closure, I handed the mirror to her. She grinned ear to ear.

“Are you satisfied and happy?” I asked

“Yes, I am. Thanks Doctor! I will make an appointment to fix the upper teeth,” she said and continued staring at the mirror.

On her second visit, she seemed more nervous.

“Doctor, I hope you can make a really nice smile for me. I need to attend one meeting after another. I don’t want it to look fake and funny,” she said, anxious.

After: Straight and no gaps!

“Don’t worry dear, I will make sure you will leave this clinic feeling satisfied,” I reassured her.

Rose is a person who really knew what she wanted.

She needed 6 composite veneers for her upper teeth to make it more even and straight. As I did her veneers, Rose cooperated patiently. After I had done with the veneers, she looked at the mirror.

“This is what I wanted. My teeth definitely look way better than before! Thank you again,” she said.

It makes me happy to see her satisfied. I bid her farewell and wished her best of luck in life. Deep inside, I am pretty sure she will be more confident to socialize. Thank you Rose for choosing Klinik Pergigian Fauziah!