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Black spots: Dr Nik

Black spots: Dr Nik

Do you have black spots on your teeth? These black spots could be a dental cavity or in dental term we call it caries. These caries can be treated by doing fillings and we widely used composite resin dental filling material for it’s aesthetic properties.…

Filling the gap with FRC bridge: Dr Nik

Filling the gap with FRC bridge: Dr Nik

This is my latest case of fiber reinforced composite (FRC) bridge. It was done during the recent long school holidays just before Hari Raya celebration. The patient is a teacher who is only free to come for long treatment during school holidays. It was a…

No Reason To Be Shy Anymore – Dr. Adyan

No Reason To Be Shy Anymore – Dr. Adyan

A young man came to the clinic, requesting me to fix his teeth.

As he walked into the room, he gave a shy smile, trying to cover his teeth with his hand. Intuitively I knew something was wrong with his front teeth.

We had a conversation before we started any check-up. I noted the ‘blackish’ appearance of his front teeth, it was due to caries. It caused him to be less confident about smiling, which eventually affects his social life.

After a thorough examination, we discussed the treatment options for him to regain his beautiful smile. He opted for composite veneers and fillings first.

The whole treatment took about an hour, but he was very relaxed throughout the procedure.

After all the veneers and fillings were polished, I passed him a mirror. He nervously held the mirror up and slowly smiled in front of it.

A very big smile!

Compared to the first moment I saw him, this was now a totally different person!

He walked out of the room looking confident, he was even smiling wide to the staffs at the counter while talking with them.

I love seeing how a beautiful smile turns people into a more confident person!

Since raya is approaching, why not get your smile enhanced so that you can flash them confidently while visiting your relatives?

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See you soon!

Lots of love,
Dr. Adyan