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Covid-19 still at Large – Dr. Shanaz

Covid-19 still at Large – Dr. Shanaz

Hi everyone, it’s been a very challenging 2020 as all of us were hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. As we all know, we’re told to stay at home if we can, minimise contact with people, avoid large crowds and gatherings, keep clean and always…

My Top 3 To-Do this MCO season – Dr. Adyan

My Top 3 To-Do this MCO season – Dr. Adyan

Hi there! How’s everyone doing with the Movement Control Order (MCO)? So a lot of us have been working from home, and for me personally, I’ve got more free time since we are reducing operation hours and only take in emergency cases to reduce the…

Coronavirus Disease 19 (Covid-19): My Role As A Dentist –Dr Gwen Gan

Coronavirus Disease 19 (Covid-19): My Role As A Dentist –Dr Gwen Gan

This is the 8th day since the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) was in effect.  How were your days so far?

As dentist in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, we are still committed to help patients who are in need of our help.

Every alternate day, I will still standby in clinic for half a day to see emergency case. All dentists in the clinic rotate to go in to clinic for standby.

If you are unsure what is considered dental emergency, here is a simple diagram for your reference of what is emergency and non-emergency:

Emergency (Red) Second Emergency (Orange) Non Emergency (Green)
1. Injury and non stop bleeding

2. Mouth, face swelling and Fever

3. Adult teeth knock out (trauma)
1. Baby tooth knock out and bleeding (trauma)

2. Severe toothache (pain to hot&cold, sweet and disturb sleep)

3. Pain after surgical procedure or extraction

4. Crown or bridge dropped off

5. Orthodontic appliance dropped off and wire poking in cheek causing pain
1. Baby tooth loose and dropped off

2. Denture teeth or base broken

3. Mild toothache

4. Orthodontic appliance dropped off but no pain

5.Orthodontic review

6.Normal check up or consultation

7.Dental scaling

8.Teeth Whitening

9. To do dentureTo do Crown or bridge or implant

If you are still unsure if your case is emergency, you can call the clinic for consultation or you can send me a message at 011-2331 8411 for consultation.

If you are facing problem and is a real dental emergency, you are advised to make a call for an appointment before coming to clinic as we tried to limit the number of patient in clinic at any one time.

A small tip to share with you if you experience discomfort in your mouth: Always try your best to make sure the area is clean.

  1. Floss thoroughly to make sure there is no food stuck in between teeth.
  2. Brush as many times as you can
  3. Rinse with mouthwash / salt water
  4. Rubbing tooth mousse  or toothpaste on the tooth that has sensitivity

If you tried the above, but your pain continues or become worse, please consider to call in for a consultation with the dentist on duty.

Last but not least, I am really grateful that my team members are forever supportive during this hard time and stay with us.

Why do I say so? Most of our family members are very concern about us having to still go to work and increase the risk of contacting with people who could be having infection.

However, all of us understand our roles to provide help for people in need and hence we are still here for you.

We stay at work for you, please stay at home for us!

Together, we will fight this disease!

Thank you.

Dr Gwen Gan