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Lighting up the dark tooth – Dr. Adyan

Lighting up the dark tooth – Dr. Adyan

About 2 months ago, one lovely patient came in to have a check-up on her teeth and she wanted to know what treatments should be done for her teeth. This is why it’s important to have a dental check-up and consultation. Each patient is different…

Teeth With Black Spots – Dr. Adyan

Teeth With Black Spots – Dr. Adyan

I had the chance to meet a patient who was a cheerful chap, but tried to cover his mouth when he laughs. When he sat on the dental chair, I asked him to smile and I could immediately guess what was his concern. This was…

The Dark Tooth – Dr. Adyan

The Dark Tooth – Dr. Adyan

Have you seen one tooth turning darker than other tooth?

This is called a discoloured tooth, which can happen for multiple reasons.

The tooth could have been traumatized when you suddenly fell and knocked your tooth, or you had a root canal treatment done on that tooth and it turned darker; those are some of the causes of tooth discolouration.

For this patient of mine, she had root canal treatment done on her front tooth years ago and noticed it slowly turned darker and darker over the years, which made the tooth stood out when she talks and smiles.

See that unsightly dark front tooth?

There were multiple options on how to treat this tooth, but after discussing with her, we agreed to go for the least invasive treatment – internal bleaching (non-vital bleaching).

Internal bleaching is done on discoloured teeth that had been root-canal treated to brighten up the tooth shade.

It’s a fairly simple, short procedure with zero pain and minimal drilling.

Once the bleaching material had been placed into the tooth, the patient would come every 3 – 4 days to review the tooth shade and repeat the bleaching if necessary.

After the first session, this was the result. The tooth shade had lightened up but still slightly darker than the adjacent tooth.

Most of the times, patients would only require around 2 to 4 sessions of internal bleaching.

For this patient, she only did 2 sessions of internal bleaching and achieved a satisfying result.

After the second session. Compare this picture with the first picture. Beautiful result without being so aggressive on the tooth 🙂

As you can see on the final picture, the tooth shade has lightened, and even her fillings on the tooth now look darker (the filling was previously done to match her dark tooth, now that the tooth had become brighter, the fillings appeared dark in contrast to her tooth).

Now all she needed was a change of the filling. But even without that, her smile had already improved a lot.

She was very happy with the results and walked out of the clinic smiling confidently!

If you’ve seen someone with a discoloured tooth or even have one yourself, don’t delay anymore and call us up to book your appointment.

Your smile can shine brighter by fixing your discoloured tooth!

See you soon!

Lots of love,
Dr. Adyan

Composite Veneer to the Rescue – Dr. Adyan

Composite Veneer to the Rescue – Dr. Adyan

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Single tooth whitening for Nazri: Dr Mawarni

Single tooth whitening for Nazri: Dr Mawarni

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