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Brighter and whiter teeth for a new ‘you’: Dr Nik

Brighter and whiter teeth for a new ‘you’: Dr Nik

There is no doubt that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, across individuals and across cultures there is nevertheless considerable agreement about what makes a pretty beautiful smile. It is a well align, bright and white teeth. This is the reason why…

Tooth whitening for a brighter smile! – Dr. Adyan

Tooth whitening for a brighter smile! – Dr. Adyan

Tooth shade are subjective to every people. For this patient of mine, she has a fairly average tooth shade, but because her skin is very fair, her teeth appear as a darker shade. Her initial tooth shade were taken before any procedure was done. It…

Time for a makeover!: Dr. ‘Atil Athirah

Time for a makeover!: Dr. ‘Atil Athirah

Time for a makeover! A trip to the salon? A new wardrobe? Nope, why not a trip to the dental clinic! Yup that’s right! People often want to refresh their look with a new haircut or outfit but many people make a lot of changes and neglect a very important part of their appearance-their teeth!

So come on…you don’t need to be a contestant of an ‘extreme makeover’ reality TV show to update your look right? Go ahead and update your smile for that self-satisfaction to boost your self—esteem!! 

Now, take a look in the mirror and examine your teeth. Do you see any crooked or chipped teeth, worn, yellow or otherwise damaged?

Let us take you a step forward into a “GREAT INVESTMENT”, shall we?? Hehe…

Why not INVEST on our well-known composite veneers .

Composite veneers can fix a multitude of cosmetic dental issues and is a great investment that I bet you will never regret. Composite veneers are truly a modern dental miracle. You can literally walk out of our clinic in a single visit with a perfect smile. Imagine that!

Composite veneers are often a less expensive option than porcelain veneers or crowns and the results are truly astounding. So what is a veneer?

Composite veneers are used to improve the colour, shape, position, alignment, and in certain cases, the texture of teeth to make them more aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Normally they can be completed in one visit and require little or no preparation (drilling) to the teeth meaning they are less destructive and more preservative than conventional porcelain veneers which require the tooth to be cut down before placement.

They are long-lasting with proper dental hygiene, and they look and feel like natural teeth. Roughly the composite veneers will last 4-8 years depending on how well you look after them. Sometimes they stain, but the staining can usually be polished out. Sometimes the veneers can chip, but they can quite easily be repaired using the same technique used to place the full initial veneers.

Have had enough reading by now? At this point, I’m pretty sure you are eager to witness the results of that “GREAT INVESTMENT” right?

Here we go!! Let me share some photos of the patients who decided to invest and they sure did not regret their investment 

Angela came with her father recently after she discovered our website and instagram page. Angela had been living with her discoloured upper front teeth. Clinically I would consider her teeth discolouration were due to genetic defect. She wanted me to aid her so that they will appear more pleasingly. So I suggested that we start off with chair side professional whitening to lighten the stains followed by composite veneers.

Angela Before, During and After Treatment

Another investor would be Miss Zulaiha who came with her mother just recently too. She too discovered us from our website and instagram page. She claims that her upper front teeth had some discolouration after her braces were taken out at another dental clinic and she was here to get them enhanced. For Zulaiha, all she needed was just 6 composite veneers.

Zulaiha - Before and After Treatment

And my last investor for now would be Mr. Affendi. He requested for me to close the gaps on his upper front teeth.

Affendi - Before and After Treatment

All 3 patients above had their makeovers done in ONE SINGLE VISIT. And they paced out of our clinic smiling confidently and happy and most importantly NO REGRETS, OF COURSE!!

So have I not prove you well that it is indeed a GREAT INVESTMENT?? You don’t need a TV crew showing up on your doorstep to make a positive change in your appearance. Take that step now. Contact me at atil@story.drfauziah.com to get your smile makeover today. We look forward to helping you achieve a celebrity smile. 

Flight HK to KUL for A Smile Makeover: Dr `Atil Athirah

Flight HK to KUL for A Smile Makeover: Dr `Atil Athirah

“Wow!! That sure was long but really worth it!! Thank you so much Dr `Atil”. Those were Mr Edie’s words when he left the clinic after completing his smile makeover. Mr Edie is a Malaysian aeronautical engineer who works and lives with his family in…