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Switching crown experience: Dr Mawarni

Switching crown experience: Dr Mawarni

You know you are strongly remembered by someone when the person blogs about you. It is either due to good or bad experience. Some people thought people do not read blogs anymore. Well, I disagree with that. I still read blogs about recipes or when…

Dental Crown – Dr Gwen Gan

Dental Crown – Dr Gwen Gan

What is a dental crown? A dental crown is an artificial tooth-shaped cap that covers a tooth completely in order to restore its shape, size, strength as well as to improve its appearance. What Are They Made Of? The most common choices of materials are:…

The single crown that made the difference: Dr Mawarni

The single crown that made the difference: Dr Mawarni

Nor had always wanted to change her front tooth, right central incisor filling.

The tooth was root treated by her previous dentist. However, it was not yet crowned.

The tooth was build up with composite filling material and was a bit rough and discolored.

The dark and stained composite on the right central incisor tooth.

When radiograph was taken, there was a tiny lesion around the apex of that tooth.

The tooth was build up with a post as there was only tiny tooth structure left.

Since she never had the symptoms of infection ever since the root canal treatment was done, which was about 10 years ago, we plan to review the tooth for another 6 months.

This was because, if we were to redo the root canal treatment, removal of the post was necessary.

The risk of post removal is tooth fracture. She might lose that tooth and need to replace it later.

She opted for the less risky option which was to review and proceed with full ceramic crown.

The most challenging job for us dentist was to match the colour of the crown with the natural tooth.

Initially, the crown try in was not okay as Nor was not satisfied with the color and shape of the crown.

As we took our patient’s satisfaction as the utmost priority, the case was resent to the lab to be re-fabricated again.

The full ceramic crown matches the natural teeth shade =). Thanks to my brilliant technician too!

She was finally satisfied with the new crown.

As a token of appreciation, she bought me 3 delicious cupcakes as a surprise later that same day.

“Thank you for making my smile beautiful,” she said.

Her sweet gesture had really made my day!

Do email me at mawarni@story.drfauziah.com for enquiries of your dental conditions. I look forward to hear from you =))).

~Sincerely: Dr Mawarni

A Beautiful Crown – Dr Gan

A Beautiful Crown – Dr Gan

Recently I had a chance to look back at one of my cases that I did last year. It was a fractured upper left lateral incisor. I did root canal treatment followed by a post core and Emax crown for Mina. When I looked into…