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Fissure Sealants : Prevention is better than cure -Dr. Damalis

Fissure Sealants : Prevention is better than cure -Dr. Damalis

It is easier to stop something happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened. Diseases of the mouth, such as tooth decay or cavities (dental caries) and gum disease (periodontal disease) are among the most common non-communicable diseases in…

Are you sleeping well? – Dr Tan Mh

Are you sleeping well? – Dr Tan Mh

Have you experience a full night of sleep yet waking up sleepy and lethargic? Well once a while it might be due to a long week, but if occurs on a regular basis, you might be experiencing some form of SLEEP APNEA! What is sleep…

Brushing Teeth of your love one –  from the point of view of a mother cum dentist – Dr Gan

Brushing Teeth of your love one – from the point of view of a mother cum dentist – Dr Gan

Mummy always have endless topics to discuss about kids. As a dentist, I always have chance to discuss about teeth with parents who bring their kids here. I always shared with parents what I learn from the textbook and I always thought things are as simple as ABCD. When a mummy asked me how to make her kids brush, I always answered “Well, is simple! Just brush their teeth since baby everyday and they will automatically let you brush!” or “Sing them a song!” or “Brush in front of them and they will follow you!” That sounds so easy right?


However, after having my own little angel, I realized how little things I actually know about kids and their teeth. “Brush their teeth daily since young and they will automatically love to brush!!! ” Only mummy knows it is totally different in the real world!!


I swear that I really brushed for my little one EVERYDAY even before her first tooth erupted. I brushed her gum with the cute little finger brush and she loved it! That totally sounded like a plan and I thought “Ah-ha! I am such a good mother!” Then she had her first two lovely lower teeth and she looked so cute and like a little angel with just her little tiny teeth. I started to brush her teeth with toddler brush, still progressing well!


As more teeth erupted, four, five, six… and her size grew bigger and stronger…. It slowly became a battle every night for me to brush her teeth…. the war had begun.


I tried different methods, sang her a song, it worked! For few days…. Showed her video! I did! It worked!…again…for few days…..


I started to look into support group trying to figure out what did I do wrong in brushing her teeth and I realize every mother had the same problem. It is a war that will last for few years until she is big enough to understand.


With that understanding, now whenever I give advice to my patient, I will say “Yes, I know it is difficult! However, you need to be strong and be determined to protect your love one pearly whites. It is a war that will take years! After this, your children will thank you for doing so!”


To all the mummy, I know it is difficult. You sometime feel that you really want to give up, I totally understand! Should you need some support and motivation, you can come to me and we can hug and cry and then go home continue to brush teeth for our kids! Remember, it is a war, a war to protect your kids teeth!


Should you have any good tips to share about how to brush for the kids, feel free to share with us!

Should you think that your love one teeth need extra pair of eyes to help to take care, feel free to contact me @ ganshouwan@drfaauziah.com