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The Dark Tooth – Dr. Adyan

The Dark Tooth – Dr. Adyan

Have you seen one tooth turning darker than other tooth? This is called a discoloured tooth, which can happen for multiple reasons. The tooth could have been traumatized when you suddenly fell and knocked your tooth, or you had a root canal treatment done on…

Talking About A Dental Trauma Case-Dr Gwen Gan

Talking About A Dental Trauma Case-Dr Gwen Gan

Our mouth is a very important part of our body. If not because of our mouth, we can’t enjoy food, we can’t speak and we can’t smile. Although the oral region comprises as small an area of 1% of the total body area, but it…

Here’s How I Solve A Single Tooth Discoloration – Dr Gan

Here’s How I Solve A Single Tooth Discoloration – Dr Gan

It is not uncommon to see someone with a single discolored tooth. There are various reasons why a tooth discolors; including but not limited to extensive dental caries, pulp necrosis (dead tooth) and root canal treatment.

Among all the reasons, trauma leading to pulp necrosis is a common condition that keep people wonder why their teeth become darker in color.

I had a patient, Joey who came for a checkup in July. Upon examination, I found out that one of her front teeth discolored.

The upper left central incisor was discolored and was overlapping the neighboring tooth

She told me that she always had concern about this tooth that was tilted and discolored but she did not know why.

Joey was always concerned about the position of the tooth

I did some investigations and diagnose that this was a tooth that had necroses (dead) and propose to her to do a root canal treatment, bleach the tooth and put on a crown.

Joey was very anxious about the treatment and she really wondered if it could work. She had very low confidence level in dentist. >.<

I explained about each phase of the treatment thoroughly and she finally agreed to give me green light to carry out the procedure.

We carried out every step as planned:

  1. Root Canal Treatment to manage the infection
  2. Internal Bleaching to correct the internal staining
  3. Full porcelain crown to provide protection and to correct the position of the tooth

I promised to her that she would get her new tooth before Christmas.

By August, we had completed all the treatment. Joey was really grateful about what I had done for her. She told me that she could hardly believe that I had just fixed the tooth that had troubled her for 40 years WITHIN TWO MONTHS! Best of all, she was no longer scare of dentist!

Joey was really happy about the end result!

I am grateful that she gave me the chance to fix her tooth and to be confident again with dental treatment.

Dental treatment need not to be scary! Have confidence in us and let us help you!

If  you are troubled with a discolored tooth, do send me an email @ganshouwan@story.drfauziah.com and I will be most happy to help.

Thank you.

Dr Gan



Internal Bleaching: Dr Nik

Internal Bleaching: Dr Nik

There are a number of reasons why teeth lose their luster. It could be because of external staining from food and beverages and could also be nicotine stains from smoking. These external staining is normally seen as generalized staining on several teeth. These types of…