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“I broke my tooth!!” : Dr Nik

“I broke my tooth!!” : Dr Nik

It was a panic day for Mr Khairul. His right central tooth suddenly fractured while he was having his meal! He searched for a dental clinic nearby and found us. He came in late in the evening when we were about to close the clinic.…

Dental crown : Dr Nik

Dental crown : Dr Nik

In dentistry, a crown refers to a dental cap, a type of restoration that completely cap or encircle a tooth. Crowns are used to protect, cover and restore the shape of damaged teeth, most of the time due to large cavities that fillings alone will…



It has been a while since I last wrote. Life and work has been pretty hectic for me. I bet, it’s the same for you all too. We’re slowly easing back to normalcy, the pre-pandemic life and definitely there will be a change of routine in our daily lifestyle.

So, here I am writing again and sharing with you my ‘artwork’ for the past 1.5 months. I crafted and created new smiles for few of my patients during Ramadhan and beginning of Syawal month.

  1. Fiber Reinforced Composite Bridge (FRC) : Patient had been wearing lower denture to replace the missing incisor. He wasn’t comfortable with it and I suggested him to change to a Fiber Reinforced Composite Bridge. He agreed to my suggestion and after 1.5 hours, patient left the clinic with a happy smile on his face. No more discomfort feeling when eating! 😉

2. Composite veneers : It was less than a week before AidilFitri and Miss L wanted a brighter smile and a well aligned teeth. I proposed to her 2 unit composite veneers for her upper central incisors. The result???Wonderful!!! No more yellowish teeth. 🙂

2 unit composite veneers.

3. Zoom! Whitening : If you have yellowish teeth and want a brighter and whiter smile in less than 2 hours, why not opt for our Zoom! Whitening treatment? It’s painless and the result is almost guaranteed (nothing can be a 100% :D). This was what Miss Zee opted. Needless to say she was satisfied with the result.

The painless yet effective whitening treatment.

4. Close Gaps : It was few days before Aidilfitri when Fatin came to see us. She has been following our Instagram page for quite sometime and only now did she have the courage to visit us. She requested to close the gap on her upper teeth. She thought that the treatment would be painful but I assured her otherwise. She was definitely ecstatic when she saw her own reflection in a mirror.

Close gap using composite resin material.

5. Composite restoration : Badly carious teeth. Would you ask your dentist to remove it or extract it out?Well, I believe in giving a second chance to this kind of tooth. If it doesn’t cause you pain , we as a dentist would do our best to restore it.

No more carious teeth.

Those were few of my work that I can say bring happiness to my patients. The noblest art is that of making others happy’- P. T. Barnum.

Dr. Dini (dini@drfauziah.com)

Dental Bridge –  Dr. Shanaz

Dental Bridge – Dr. Shanaz

A dental bridge is a treatment to replace a missing tooth by using the the teeth adjacent to it as support. Just like a bridge that connects two places, it requires an anchor at both ends to support the bridge itself. Bridges can be a…

Replacing the Missing Tooth – Dr. Shanaz

Replacing the Missing Tooth – Dr. Shanaz

Amy had her tooth removed a long time ago and was concerned about her teeth moving due to the space. Though Amy was on a tight budget, thus I recommended that she went with a semi-permanent option of a fibre reinforced composite (FRC) bridge, before…