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How important is your back tooth? :Dr.Debbie

How important is your back tooth? :Dr.Debbie

 Hello everyone!  Do you know that teeth are not only an important factor for you to have a great smile, but it is crucial to break down food and also to allow us to pronounce words properly?  In fact, each group of teeth in your…

Closing the gap! :Dr.Debbie

Closing the gap! :Dr.Debbie

Meet Mr.Adam. Young, dashing and recently just came back from Japan. He is fluent in Japanese and even had multiple dental treatments done while he was studying abroad. However, he is still troubled by the fact that there is spacing between his upper front teeth!…

Veneers for a Brand New Smile –  Dr. Shanaz

Veneers for a Brand New Smile – Dr. Shanaz

Jessica here had concerns on the gaps of her teeth, and for a long time now she wanted a solution for her problem. Self esteem issues stem from not being able to be fully confident with oneself, and one’s smile can be a huge factor to that.

So in comes Jessica to see me. I discussed of the possibility of having braces, but with the amount of spacing between her teeth and limited space of her arches for her tongue post-braces, it would be wise to avoid braces.

I then offered her something she could get instantly, which was Composite Veneers. She jumped at the idea! So after taking her impressions and doing a teeth wax up (a mock of what her veneers would look like) on the models, she was ready for her smile makeover!

It took quite some time, but after a long session, Jessica now has a new beautiful smile! She has so shocked, she said she needed to get used to her new smile. Hehe

In KPF, we offer our patients multiple treatment options to choose from, so don’t hesitate to come in for a consult like Jessica, because you may never know what options you may have to get your dream smile! – Dr. Shanaz