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2020 : Dr. Dini

2020 : Dr. Dini

3 words to sum it up…. What. A. Year. !!! It’s the year that we found out that microorganism smaller than a bacterium called virus or famously known as COVID-19 can harm and affect the global population. Do you know that the global Covid-19 death…



This 31st August 2018, we would be celebrating our 61st independence day. Surely, it will be a different feeling for every Malaysian, be it in our own country or residing abroad, celebrating it this year. Mainly because of what happened in May, to be exact…

Work Hard, Play Hard! – Dr Gan

Work Hard, Play Hard! – Dr Gan

Life is tough, but so am I. We work hard and we also play hard!

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning for our clinic outing at Tadom Hill, Banting. We departed from Wilayah Mosque at about 8.30am. It took us a little more than an hour to arrive at the destination.

Lets take a selfie before departing


Arriving at Tadom Hill.


As Malaysians, the outing started with a lot of food. Trust me, it was really a lot of food, just like a kenduri. But that’s how we roll. And what other activity brings people closer other than food?



After feeding our stomachs, we went straight for the first activity of the day : Flying Fox. Maybe it was not such a great idea. Hehe.

   The flying fox team!


The flying fox was exhilarating! Thank god my food stayed in my stomach. The highlight of the whole trip however, was the water activities. I never imagine that it could be so much of fun playing in the water! It felt like I was a kid all over again.


 Lets jump before any other thing!
Row row row your boat


I first tried the Tarzan swing. Everyone knows Tarzan. And there I was, expecting to be Jane.

The instructor gave us the basics on the Tarzan Swing: Grab the rope and swing like Tarzan! I was pretty amazed at how simple it was,  but the twist was that you had to let go at the height of the swing. Check out my swing and fall! It was awesome!!


After that, we had another water activity = The Diving Platform Jump. Though jumping from the diving platform unfortunately became a real challenge for me. I was so afraid to jump from the platform and it took me forever to actually take the leap. I felt so sorry for those who were waiting for me to jump. It did not look as high from the ground, but when I stood on top of the board (which was just a large trunk), I just could not do it. I wondered how Tom Cruise could actually just jump from the plane for his Mission Impossible-Fallout stunt.. For this, he earned my respect.

It looks easy to jump, but it was a NIGHMARE for me! This is Liyana jumping down.

However, after that first jump, and realising how easy and simple it was, I made myself go up again. And after a few more tries, it really brought the kid out from me. I did not understand what fascinated me, but the jumps were so therapeutic. Every time I jumped, it was as if all my troubles were away. Stress free, no worries, just like a kid again! We jumped over and over again, unwilling to stop for lunch. But eventually we got hungry and feasted once more.


After lunch, we continued with telematch games. These were activities that were classic KPF standards. Games that had elements of teamwork, communication, perseverance and most importantly FUN! We obviously had too much fun.

                                                                   All of us as a family!

Finally, the day ended with gratitude. Everyone went home with aching bodies. Nevertheless, I believe this day would never be forgotten, for the joys and fun and friendship for all of us!

Klinik Pergigian Fauziah is just like a home for us. Everyone in the clinic are my family members. Not only the staffs, but we always treat our patients like friends and families. How many people are as lucky as I, to feel loved and blessed at work. I am grateful that I am here and I wish to pass the love to people around me.

If you like to be part of the big family, feel free to write to me or make an appointment and I am sure to welcome you to be part of us!

With lots of love,

Dr Gan