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“I broke my tooth!!” : Dr Nik

“I broke my tooth!!” : Dr Nik

It was a panic day for Mr Khairul. His right central tooth suddenly fractured while he was having his meal! He searched for a dental clinic nearby and found us. He came in late in the evening when we were about to close the clinic.…

Talking About another Dental Trauma Case – Dr Gwen Gan

Talking About another Dental Trauma Case – Dr Gwen Gan

I was talking about a dental trauma case in my last post and here I got another dental trauma case. Mr Nas met a motor vehicle accident last year and broke a few of his front teeth. There was no pain, no swelling at the…

A Beautiful Crown – Dr Gan

A Beautiful Crown – Dr Gan

Recently I had a chance to look back at one of my cases that I did last year. It was a fractured upper left lateral incisor. I did root canal treatment followed by a post core and Emax crown for Mina.

When I looked into Mina mouth recently, I had difficulty in identifying which tooth was the crown. It blended well with her other teeth and even I as the dentist could not identify it.

I felt really proud about it and immediately took a picture and send to my sister who is a dentist as well. (Trying to show off xp).

Honestly, I am proud of this crown! =)
Please allow me to feel good for 3 minutes before I continue to work hard. XP

She was amazed with it and showed to her senior dentist. They both complimented me for the good work.

To me, it is almost a highest honor to get compliment from another dentist praising for your good work, especially in a case of single unit front tooth crown. For all those who had experience with single unit crown at your front tooth, you know how hard it is to match the crown.

This is not a blog post to show off my work, but I just feel like sharing how I happy I am when someone appreciated my work.

Being a dentist is a highly stressful work. Hence, when there is such a beautiful moment of remembrance I really like to record and share this meaningful event with others.

When I had FB Live in April, I got a question of which was the most challenging case throughout my career as a dentist.  My answer was every case is unique and challenging in their own way. However it is this beautiful moment that keep me going and remind me not to give up in producing good and quality work.

I promise to never give up learning and never stop to improve my work to craft your beautiful smile.

Should you have any inquiry, feel free to contact me at ganshouwan@story.drfauziah.com or call us at 03-6206 3068 to make an appointment with us.

Thank you.

Dr Gan