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2020 : Dr. Dini

2020 : Dr. Dini

3 words to sum it up…. What. A. Year. !!! It’s the year that we found out that microorganism smaller than a bacterium called virus or famously known as COVID-19 can harm and affect the global population. Do you know that the global Covid-19 death…

Work Hard, Play Hard! – Dr Gan

Work Hard, Play Hard! – Dr Gan

Life is tough, but so am I. We work hard and we also play hard! It was a beautiful Wednesday morning for our clinic outing at Tadom Hill, Banting. We departed from Wilayah Mosque at about 8.30am. It took us a little more than an…

Sharpening the Saw : Dr. Dini

Sharpening the Saw : Dr. Dini

On Wednesday 18th of April 2018, we had our first team building for this year. The title of the post is our theme for April, thus to sharpen the saw in a team, a team building exercise is a must! Can you readers guess what was it? Or where we went to? It was a trip to Taman Botani Shah Alam and we did the Skytrex Adventure. And…what an adventure it was…at least it was for me 😉

To be honest, this was my first experience doing the Skytrex Adventure. And I’m not the only one. Except for the staff from Publika’s branch, this was a first experience for the rest of our team.

I was nervous when I first found out that we were going for this adventure. Confession time : I had cold sweats and heart palpitations just thinking about it weeks before the trip. 😀  To make matters worse, my car tire was flat the night before the trip and all the shops were closed. I assumed God really wanted to test me on this trip. Hahahhahah.. Nonetheless I got it fixed just in time before we left to Shah Alam.

We arrived at the venue at 10.30 am and it was a bright sunny morning.  Once we arrived at the park entrance, we took a short bus trip to the Skytrex site. It is a beautiful park/area, I must admit! After having our brunch with the whole team, we filled in and signed the indemnity form. It basically says while they have taken every safety precaution necessary, they are not responsible for anything bad that might happen to you while doing the activities. After listening to the introduction and safety briefing by the instructor, he guided us on how to use the harness, carabiners and pulley. I was fully attentive at this point because I was so nervous, and safety is a very important issue for me!

We’re ready to go!!!

So..then we started the adventure… Here are some of the pictures to share with you readers!

Filling in the necessary forms before starting the adventure.
Us…on one of the challenges.
Dr. Tan and our head Clinic Manager, Lynn.
The big smile from Akma.


This is Dr. Gan’s first time doing the Skytrex adventure.
Dr. Mawarni in action.





Warming up session.




Our tired faces.


What did I learned from this adventure? First of all, I discovered that I was not afraid of heights as much as I thought I was. I also realised that our team is a really a tight-knit organisation which I consider as my second family. The teamwork amongst us is really strong and the patience each of us have in helping and encouraging the other member when they were too afraid to do the challenges was amazing. I am truly proud to be part of this team.





Dr. Nik, Dr. Mawarni and I took a picture before the adventure begins. spot my nervous face 😀


I also learned that even though the climb was tough and it felt like an uphill struggle, I kept myself busy with remembering to think of the view from the top. And it was totally worth it.

To end this post, I would like to say that even though I felt nervous, scared and didn’t really look forward to this, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Sometimes we all need a little push in life in to grow just a little bit stronger.